Sunday, November 29, 2009


RAJPUT POLICY Babur and Humayun had strained relations with the Rajputs. It was only Akbar who rightly perceived that the Rajputs were a very brave and coura­geous people who could not be easily crushed by warfare. He therefore set himself to the task of winning over the Rajputs. He entered into a scheme of matri'monial alliances with the Rajputs. He started giving high positions to the Rajputs in Mughal service and treated them on par with the Mughal nobility. He granted freedom of worship and conscience to the Rajputs. Those who allied themselves to Akbar were largely left in charge of their kingdoms. Where conciliation failed he resorted to warfare. His policy of 'carrot and stick' won over the Rajputs and they became a part and parcel of the Mughal empire.

Jahangir continued the Rajput policy of his father. In the reign of Shah Jahan also the Rajputs continued to serve the empire though they did not have the prominent position which they enjoyed at the time I of Akbar. Aurangzeb negated the earlier policy and thereby undid the work of Akbar. He turned valuable friends into dangerous foes.

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