Saturday, November 28, 2009


SHER KHAN VS. HUMAYUN Humayun made the mistake of proceeding to Chunar instead of Gaur. This helped Sher Khan in conquering Gaur. When Humayun proceeded towards Gaur the Afghan, instead of offering resistance, lured him into a perilous advance into Bengal with the object of cutting off his retreat. Though Humayun conquered Gaur he wasted time in pleasure and festivities. In the meantime, Sher Shah recovered Chunar, Jaunpur and besieged Kanauj. He then defeated Humayun at Chausa
near Buxar in 1539. Sher Khan now assumed the title of Sher Shah and proclaimed himself Emperor of Hindustan. Next year Humayun tried to retrieve his fortunes but suffered anotller defeat at Bilgram near Kanauj in 1540. From now onwards Humayun became a fugitive living the life of a wanderer for 15 years. Sher Shah turned his attention towards Punjab, Multan and Sind. He conquered them in no time.

He then subjugated Malwa and invested the Raisin fort then held by Puran Mal. Sher Shah still had one more Rajput enemy, the Rathor chief of Marwar, Maldev. To defeat him Sher Shah had to resort to treachery. Sher Shah won the battle but it was a pyrrhic victory. His last venture was the siege of Kalinjar which he captured. But he was killed in the moment of victory by an accidental explosion in 1545.

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