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The society in the time of the Mughals was to a large exter
feudal in nature. It was stratified into different grades, , the top of which was the king. Below him were the offici. nobles, the mansabdars. The common people formed soml thing like an unprivileged class and plied their humb] trades and professions. There was a considerable gap i standards of living between the nobility and the commo people.

Among the social customs, the two most prominel were sati and child marriage. Akbar tried to mitigate tl evils but with little success. The purdah system was in vOgl. both among the Hindus and Muslims. The relations b tween the Hindus. and Muslims was much better than was in the Sultanate period.


The economic condition of India was good. Trade at commerce flourished and it is common knowledge that t1 nations of Europe vied with one another to have a sha in India's lucrative trade. The Mughal emperors encouragl production through both agriculture and industries. Besid edible crops, the agricultural products included cotto indigo and opium. Tobacco was introduced in about 16C Its consumption increased rapidly, so that Jahangir prohi ited smoking in 1617. In the Mughal age crafts.aJ industries were both private and state-owned. India carri~ on an extensive foreign trade. The principal articles export to Europe and other countries were indigo, opiw saltpetre, pepper, etc. Its imports included horses, Chine procelain and African slaves. The principal ports we Surat, Cambay, Cochin, and Masulipatam.


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  2. blog is good but there are many spelling mistakes.

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